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Helping My Mom Select an Energy Provider

Central Texas residents have an exceptional opportunity to save on their energy costs. My mom has lived there for years, and she didn’t know that she could shop around for energy. She’s been using the same provider for a long time. I told her she should really take a look at her options. I strongly recommended that she should consider Stream Energy in Texas. Based on their low rates and great service, I thought it would be the best match for her.

I think it’s great that Texas residents have options when it comes to electricity. Over the years, we’ve had more and more opportunities to become educated consumers and make our own decisions. This is a good thing, but you have to know where to look to find the best deal. I found this great resource online that help you learn about all of the different options, and this is where I got the information that I have shared with my mom. The website looks like it’s really easy to use, so that’s why I am empowering her to make her own decision. There’s a form on the website that she needs to complete.

Patience While Using the Internet

When using a dial up Internet connection, you develop a patient attitude, because the speeds are as slow as a snails pace. Just going to a simple search engine will take a minute. Checking your email takes 5 minutes, and watching a short video is an hour long event. My patience wore out one day, and I couldn’t take the slow speeds anymore. Often I’ll get emails telling me to “click here for Internet plans”, but I hardly ever read them. They either end up in the spam folder or in the trash. I went into the spam folder to find one of these emails and clicked on it.

On my slow connection, the email took a long time to load, and the page that came from the link in the email took even longer to load.

I Wanted a Better DVR Receiver

I moved to Virginia a few months ago so I could be closer to my sister and her two kids. They offered to let me move in with them, but I knew that I needed my own space. I work from home, so I was happy when I found a two bedroom cottage just a few blocks from their house. One bedroom was for me, and the other was for my home office. I then looked at because my home office was not complete without having my television hooked up.
Better DVR Receiver
I listen to music channels on the TV while I work, but I like to switch it to the news when I am having a slow day. I had looked at the local cable company first, but I was not happy with how their DVR receivers work. I would only be able to record two shows at a time with their receivers, and there are too many times that I want to record more than that.