Discount Wood Blinds

wood_4Despite the high-end look, discount wood blinds are available. Constructed from the less expensive types of wood, these discount wood blinds can be very reasonably priced. They are pre-designed, pre-made, and pre-cut and can’t be made to order. Discount wood blinds come in limited styles and options; however, they are just as good as customized wood blinds in terms of quality and durability. Most discount wood blinds are made of bass wood, a kind of wood obtained from the Linden tree. Linden trees are native to Mexico, North America, Europe, Japan, and Asia. Bass wood is popular for blind construction because it is soft-grained and light but strong and durable.

Discount wood blinds are available in different styles on the basis of the model. These are mini wood blinds, vertical wood blinds, woven wood blinds, and faux wood blinds. Out of these, the faux wood blinds are generally available in the discount wood blinds category. Because these wood blinds are not made of real wood, they are a less expensive alternative to real wood blinds. However, they have a similar look and feel.

Discount wood blinds are also categorized on the basis of the material used: ramin and bass wood blinds. Bass wood is the most preferred since it has more distinctive grain and is thus stronger. They are also good for staining. They have a no-hole option which enables the blinds to make the room really dark. Besides, the 3-inch valance on these blinds is very decorative. Ramin is a cheaper alternative. They have a 2-inch valance at the top of the window to hide the metal head rails. Wood blinds are available at different prices depending on the type of material used, the kind of finish, the options provided and so on.

Saving money doesn’t mean having no choices. Even discount wood blinds are provided with some limited options. They are also available in different colors, forms, and shades. Discount wood blinds can be quite an alternative to real–and usually expensive–wood blinds.

Custom Wood Blinds

wooden-blinds-kitchenWindow and door blinds on windows and doors are chief decorating elements in houses as well as in offices. Interior designers use window blinds made of wood or those that have a wooden look to offer a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room. They not only offer privacy but also have an inviting look and add beauty to the rest of the furniture in the room. Their warmth, versatility, and durability are prized by professional decorators.

Wood blinds can be custom crafted suit the décor of the room. When the blinds at the doors and windows match the rest of the furnishings in the room, it adds a feeling of beauty and elegance to the whole room. Wood blinds are available in a very wide range of shades, colors, materials and textures to suit any design palate. They can be vertical or horizontal, side-opening or middle-opening, top-down or bottom-up.

For those not interested in working with professional decorators, many manufacturers today are offering custom-designed wood blinds for doors and windows. There are also various online websites that offer consultancy services for choosing wood blinds for the talented amateur. These sites contain exhaustive information for all kinds of decorative needs. Specialist advice is also available from home decorators and interior decorators. From measuring the windows, choosing the right kind of blinds, choosing the right kind of material for the blinds, choosing the right color, texture and shade to suit the rest of the room, size of the blind, a professional can share the tricks of the trade.

Many websites also offer customer service for maintenance of the wood blinds. With all the variety in the market, each and every detail can be addressed while ordering for the wood blinds. Most manufacturers are also willing to design the blinds as per the specifications of individual customers. It’s easy to see why custom wood blinds are becoming very popular these days for all kinds of designers, the professional ones and the talented beginners.

Faux Wood Blinds

horizontal-blindsFor those who want the warmth of wood, but are concerned with wood damage, faux-wood blinds may be the answer. They are made of artificial materials but are designed to look just like real wood blinds. They are much less expensive than wood blinds. Faux-wood blinds are designed to be used in rooms with high levels of humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. They don’t tend to warp unlike blinds made of real wood and are stain resistant.

Faux-wood blinds can be made of either PVC or composite wood. PVC faux blinds are made of a vinyl polymer, whereas composite wood blinds contain both hardwood and a polymer base. They are lighter than PVC blinds. The composite wood blinds cost slightly higher than the PVC but they offer more value with their special 3-inch valances and the special trapezoid bottom rails that allow the slats to close tightly.

Faux-wood blinds come in a wide range of colors and shades, some looking exactly like real wood. They can be custom designed as per different requirements like light control, sleek look, and the viewable area between the slats.

The polyvinyl material used to make faux-wood blinds is very durable and strong. It is simple to clean and does not warp, crack, or fade easily. The blinds made from this material can be covered with UV inhibitors to protect them from excessive exposure to the sun. This covering makes the blinds last longer–even for a lifetime. Faux-wood blinds can also resist extreme temperatures like heat and cold and are suitable for any room in the house.

Faux-wood blinds are also available in different forms and in different sizes. They can be mini or micro, vertical or horizontal, 2-inch valance or 3-inch valance. They can also be provided with other attachments and options like tilt wants, locking pull rods, fabric tapes, cord-want tilt and motorization, and light-blocking properties. Faux-wood blinds are thus replacing all the traditional kinds of blinds but are still providing the same kind of look that traditional wood blinds offer.

Receive our natural wooden blinds

Always you are trying to make when furnishing your dream home or apartment all decisions were made with some thought and consideration. You do not like this issue spontaneity. Do you think that all the interior elements should ideally interact with each other and that only under such condition of the interior can look good. You are a person that week wondering what color grout to choose the color of the tiles.


There’s your attention to detail is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but perhaps your closest consider that somewhat exaggerating. You just want to be the owner of the house perfect. And very well. Your latest idea is to install wooden shutters on their windows. And now, of course, you have everything carefully. The most important thing to think about this issue is of course the color of the blinds. Availability of colors, is very large, because the wood can be coated with various dyes.
Wondering what angle choose the colors of their blinds and what they should be matched. Which elements of the interior should be in tune. Well, then. First, it should fit the blinds to the windows, and in particular to the color of their frames if these two elements will not be harmony, the shutters instead decorate your window will be more blemish.

The second thing is possibly windowsills or floors, depending on whether we are talking about the classic window blinds or shutters for doors or windows reaching the floor. If in fact our newly installed wooden blinds will be “clashed”, that is not fit to window sill or the floor may be that there will be a decoration at all, quite the contrary. Another design element which should be compatible color wood blinds is of course the color of the walls which is painted inside. It really is a very important element if we want to make everything look coherently and harmoniously. Besides, generally speaking, our blinds should be matched to the style that prevails in our midst. If so wooden blinds do not fit at all is a style which is decorated your apartment, you’d better cancel their installation.

Many homes are mounted wood blind awnings

Passing sometimes by modern housing notice that in recent times many houses appeared in the windows of wooden blinds. They are mounted on the outside windows. Wondering what purpose they are mounted, so they have to serve. The answer to this question is not clear, because they do not meet a single function, on the contrary. This type of wooden blinds installed outside fulfill a variety of functions and it is precisely for this reason are increasingly being chosen by users.


The first function is aesthetic. I think everyone admits that the houses or apartments that are fitted wooden blinds on the outside of your windows simply look nice, and everyone still wants his house well presented. What else? Wooden blinds mounted on the outside, like shutters or blinds mounted inside aimed at reducing the amount of radiation entering the room. This prevents heating of premises, among others, on hot days, or easier to work on the computer or watching television when outside the sun is shining.
However, wood blinds have another very important function for which they are very much appreciated. They help to ensure the safety of our home while we ourselves, for example, we’re going on vacation. These blinds because after closing create a very solid and difficult to penetrate shield against unwanted people. Now you understand why more and more people are choosing to mount this type of shutters on their windows. The cost of mounting such blinds is quite large, but considering the multitude of functions that they fulfill, I think it is worthwhile to pay for it.

Especially since this fitted blinds made of high quality wood and manufactured by a good company will serve us for years. We do not need to worry about that soon will be destroyed by the action of harmful elements. Rather, certainly not this happens because they are specially adapted for mounting on such conditions, and the wood is sufficiently impregnated. It should be fitted.