Patience While Using the Internet

When using a dial up Internet connection, you develop a patient attitude, because the speeds are as slow as a snails pace. Just going to a simple search engine will take a minute. Checking your email takes 5 minutes, and watching a short video is an hour long event. My patience wore out one day, and I couldn’t take the slow speeds anymore. Often I’ll get emails telling me to “click here for Internet plans”, but I hardly ever read them. They either end up in the spam folder or in the trash. I went into the spam folder to find one of these emails and clicked on it.

On my slow connection, the email took a long time to load, and the page that came from the link in the email took even longer to load. Finally, after 15 minutes, I was shown some Internet plans that were available in my area. There were a lot more satellite plans in my area than I thought there would be. When my area got its first satellite connection many years ago, the price for it was too high for me to afford. I stuck with the dial up plan and didn’t bother to look for a new one.

After an hour of using the Internet, I was able to switch to one of the satellite providers. I had a receiver installed in my home to pick up the satellite signal. Now, I can use the Internet at faster speeds, and as a bonus, I can use the phone line at the same time. When on dial up, I couldn’t use the Internet and the phone at the same time because the modem in my computer used the phone line to access the Internet. Any incoming calls would be met with a busy signal.

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