Twin Mattress Reviews Guide

Twin Mattresses – An Overview

In terms of mattress sizes and dimensions (39 inches x 75 inches), twin mattresses are considered to be the smallest and are mostly designed for a single person. I do not even have the faintest of ideas why they are called twins when they, as a matter of fact, are singles. But even if they are sized as such, the demand for them among many households is still quite high. There may be several reasons why. One reason is that they are suited for many situations where larger mattress sizes may deem impractical. One such situation is in the kids’ bedrooms or the guest rooms where a twin sized mattress would, most often than not, already suffice for bed space requirements. If you are tight with your children’s bedroom space, then a twin mattress would most likely be a suitable solution. Even a big majority of dormitories use a twin mattress for their occupants. That way, a big number of occupants can be accommodated comfortably even with limited room spaces.

These mattresses may pose no problems in terms of discomfort to the kids because they can fit in quite comfortably in them. More so, the comfort level on them can also be enhanced with the use of a typical bedding or even an alternative down bedding. But with a bulky or a tall adult, there may be a little bit of discomfort. If the occupant is a very tall individual, then his or her feet might be protruding out of the twin bed’s edges. I don’t know about you but for me, that is one heck of a discomfort. Fortunately, the manufacturers have taken a bit of step further by creating variants such as the XL twin mattress. However though, only a few more inches are added for the width and length which are, in most cases, able to accommodate a tall individual or a bulky sized individual.

These mattresses are available in different types. When we speak of the different types, we are generally talking about the kind of materials these mattresses are stuffed with. The usual types we normally see at furniture stores are the foam mattress, futon mattress and air mattress. Another type of mattress which was very popular before was the spring mattress. However, the popularity of this type has waned due to the fact that they tend to be uncomfortable to sleep onto over time when the springs have hardened and create uncomfortable poking actions. In addition, these springs will tend to become noisy over time making. Going back to the popular types of twin mattress these days, those that are made of foam are usually the ones you could find being the most used mattress in household rooms. Not only that, you can even find that a number of them are being used in several types of bed frames such as the pine cabin bed or any classical metal bed frame that looks quite fit for a royalty. Twin futon mattresses are usually used for the floor in lieu of sleeping bags. This is especially useful in those instances where you need additional sleeping spaces for sleepover guests or relatives. Finally, twin air mattresses are also widely used for additional sleeping spaces when the need arises. All one has to do is just inflate the air mattress and you now have an additional bed space as needed.

The Versatile Twin Futon Mattresses

Twin futon mattresses are specifically designed to fit the futon bed frame. However though, the term ‘ twin futon mattress ‘ is now commonly used to refer to the entire futon frame together with its mattress. To recall a bit, futons are Japanese-inspired furniture frames that can be configured as a sofa or couch and a comfortable bed. Futons are currently available in either wood, metal or a combination of both. They typically have a mechanism that can make them be folded and unfolded. That is, they will function as a sofa when in the upright position and will function as a bed when folded flat. Even though the futon has originated from Japan, western cultures and households have been endeared to it due to its versatility as a furniture piece. They come very useful when space is of primary issue. Because of the level of comfort provided by futon mattress, they have basically replaced the old type folding bed which tends to be hard on the back.

With this, the twin futon mattress can be folded in accordance to the positions of the futon frame in which it is attached to. In addition, it is usually covered in fabric and is filled with varying types of cushioning materials. The most common fillers are cotton materials. In some make and models, other types of filling materials may be soft wool and foam. Some designs even utilize springs to achieve a similar cushioning effect. Because it is a twin size, it can accommodate a single person comfortably with its standard 39 inch by 75 inch dimensions. The thickness of the futon mattress may vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications or the custom thickness preferred by the buyers.

Prices of twin mattresses for the futon may vary depending on the type of materials the foldable frames are made of. The average futon may cost around $100 to $400 or even more in some make and models. One thing to keep in mind though is that twin futon mattresses have hinges and bolts and as such, they will need some bolt-retightening and hinge lubrication on a regular basis. Looking for a suitable twin futon mattress or any suitable cheap mattresses is now easier than before. Many online furniture stores will usually have them in their online showcase or showrooms. Picking the right one for your use would just be convenient and hassle free. Of course, one can also do it the old fashioned way. If you do not mind the legwork, then you can just visit the various furniture stores and shops in your locality and see the actual looks of the twin futon mattress of your choice.

Introducing the Twin Air Mattress

A twin air mattress is a mattress which utilizes air as its cushioning material. Being so, it can be deflated for storage and then inflated when the need for an extra bed arises. It many instances, it is referred to as an air bed or an inflatable sleeping pad. Its ability to be deflated also makes it possible to be taken anywhere they may deem fit for use such as the outdoors. There are some benefits that can be cited on owning an air mattress. Portability and affordability are two most common benefits that can be had with them. There are some people who have claimed that air beds bring a unique level of comfort leading to a quality of sleep that leaves you refreshed and invigorated when you awaken. It is important to keep in mind though that a big majority of households do not use twin air mattresses as their primary sleeping bed solutions. They are mostly used as backups or as additional units for extra guests and visitors. That way, running out of bed space to accommodate guests won’t be much of a problem. However though, even if inflatable mattresses only serve as backups, they can fit quite well with any secondary living setup reserved for sleepover guests. For example, if a basement has been transformed into a living quarter using some appropriate basement remodeling steps or utilizing the services of a remodeling contractor, these mattresses can help provide a decent living atmosphere.

Due to their portability, twin air mattresses are widely used as sleeping pads for outdoor trips such as camping. A camping trip to the outdoors would be more comfortable with the use of twin sized air beds. It is like bringing your own bed at the house to the campsite. However though, inflating these types of twin mattresses would not be that easy if you do it by the mouth. I myself would not have the amount of lung air to fill it to capacity. Fortunately, many designs and models of air mattresses sold these days come with built-in pumps. So the dilemma of having them inflated is considered solved. Even without those built-in pumps, they can easily be inflated using those small hand pumps that are easy to carry around with them. One place which have made air beds a common sight is the pool. Yes, many people have been creative enough to make them useful as a lying place on the water.

When we speak about the level of comfort as you lie down on this type of mattress, there have been mixed manifestations from different users. Others have said that they are perfectly in comfort while lying down on them and they are like floating on air as they sleep. On the other hand, there are also many others who claim that they experience an eerie feeling knowing that they are sleeping on an air layer. Whichever side of the fence you are, using a twin air mattress simply boils down to preferences and distinct tastes of the users.

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